Gun and doll Show - A musical battle of the sexes
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BIO: Loren Routh








Intruments: lead guitar and vocals

Member Since: 2005


I thank the rock and roll gods everyday for Loren and pity all the other rock bands. Loren is a rock guitarist in the old sense of the word. Nothing fake from this guy. Real guitar tone that you could put up next to Gilmour or Harrison. It's absolutely true. Today, 99% of all guitarist are lackluster at best. Innovation, having your own style and commanding the stage seems to be a lost art. When Loren solos, hardly anything else on the track matters. You want to know where he is taking you. Yep, he is as good as Jeff Beck.

 Loren Routh of the Gun and Doll Show photo: Rachel Simon









The Gun & Doll Show is an Independent Rock Band from the San Francisco Bay Area

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